How World Peace Can be Established


Jenibha Mandal

 When there is happiness, freedom and peace among and within all nations and people, we can say that the whole world is at peace. When everyone has inner peace, achieving world peace is not impossible. The scope of war decreases when all people learn to respect humanity rather than any particular religion or origin. So, spreading hate towards any nation or any particular person should be prohibited. Production and promotions of arms sales and heavy spending on military capabilities are hightening global tensions. Wars always spread violence and war can never be a solution of a problem. So, we should find out ways to solve problems peacefully. Nuclear weapons should be banned and we should make it illegal to posses or use it. Economic fairness is very important to maintain global peace. A scientific way to transfer wealth from the rich to the poor should be found out. Gender-inequality is a very important push factor of both internal and external conflicts. So, real equality between men and women should be introduced. Research says that conflicts happen in a local place when the people cannot trust the police and cannot get access to justice. Government should stop neglecting and abusing their own people. Above all, we should aware ourselves and understand why peace is needed. In the present worlds. the countries are depending on each other. So,when there is a peaceful relation between two countries, they can proceed in every fields.

Last modified: Saturday, 28 May 2022, 12:25 AM